Everywhere We Meet with Stumbling Blocks

“You have still to take courage for the future, for though the assaults are not so rude as those we have witnessed, the devil has many ways of turning aside the children of God from the right path, were it but the bad examples with which we are surrounded on all sides. Several are fickle, some altogether profane; some become lukewarm, others are fond of luxury, and others again give themselves up to a dissolute manner of life. In a word, everywhere we meet with stumbling blocks  For that reason, you have the more need to be ever on the watch, and to fortify yourself, so that you may be, as it were, a mirror to bring back to the good way those who are in train to stray from it.” ~ Calvin, in a letter to the Comtesse De Seninghen, written from Geneva, August 28, 1563.

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John Calvin is one of the most well-known as well as most misunderstood theologians of all-time. He wrote one of the most influential works of Christian theology of all time, thousands of pages of commentary on the Bible and multiple books, tracts and letters. Read More

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