No Man is Excluded from Calling upon God

“No man is excluded from calling upon God, the gate of salvation is set open unto all men: neither is there any other thing which keepeth us back from entering in, save only our own unbelief”

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  1. Pastor Jim McConnell says:

    This statement pretty much contradicts Calvin’s life-long teachings on Predestination. I am a Presbyterian pastor, but the Word of God, is full of “Free Will” theology, and especially in the golden text of the Bible; John 3:16. However, this statement does show how well read and educated in the Bible he was. But this almost “has” to contradict so many of his own teachings.

    • Dr. Joe Warner says:

      All unregenerate people (which once all believers were ) are free to act ACCORDING TO THEIR UNREGENERATE NATURE. But that nature is such that they always choose what they want or what they will. And they cannot make their will want the things of the true and living God. Free yes! But always according to their fallen nature. Noting in predestination blocks them but their own inability to want (or will) to repent or turn to God. But when the Holy Spirit awakens this horrible condition to the sinners heart and mind the one thing he can do is pray! Acknowledging to God, “Oh God, I cannot change myself, but You can change me! Oh God I cannot sincerely embrace Christ but I know I must, but with You is plenteous grace and redemption.” All glory is to God! And the promise is that He will never turn away anyone who seeks Him. But John 1:12-14 is the undoing of so-called FREE WILL! “As many as receive Him to them gave He the power to be called sons of God..who were born (again) not of blood (not inherited) nor of the WILL OF THE FLESH (the old nature could never convert itself), NOR OF THE WILL OF MAN (slams shut any kind of self salvation due to man’s so-called free will) BUT OF GOD.” Ephesians 2:8,9 Sola gratia! All of grace why? “That no man can boast”…that he did anything on his own to get himself into heaven.

      • Dr. Joe, No Molinist, Arminian, Calvinist or Biblical Christian who refrains from identifying himself by an alignment with a particular doctrine of Soteriology, believes in works righteousness or self-salvation. As a Physicist and Mathematician who believes beyond a shadow of doubt in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I can understand the difficulty of trying to comprehend a supernatural, all-powerful Creator who not only has middle knowledge, but end knowledge as well. God is not bound by time, so it is possible that he could create free-will beings and still know an outcome with complete and total sovereignty. Free-will beings can not violate his natural laws (such as Physics) or do anything to thwart God’s plans. Free-will events only happen if God allows them too. Through the narrow lens of Compatibilism, men can arrive at conclusions which are inconsistent with the Bible. Such as but not limited to: God is not a sinner but created sin or God created some people for the sole purpose of eternal damnation to glorify himself and said beings are predestined to hell prior to their creation. God’s sovereignty is not even remotely in question if He so chose to create a world with Resistible Grace. Nor does it mean that an agent’s ability to reject God’s grace imply that those who don’t reject it have in any way “saved themselves”. God certainly made this world and he certainly made it with a high level of indeterminism. This indeterminism relates to human understanding, not God’s omniscience. Calvinists need to refrain from purposefully misrepresenting the beliefs of those who oppose their exegesis of certain Biblical passages. There are many Sola Gratia, Sola Fide, Sola Scriputra, non-Calvinists.

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